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Wednesday April 5/23, 1pm or 6pm


Today is National Caramel Day and Chef Dez wants to teach you one of his favourite pecan recipes. Warning: these Caramel Pecan Squares are very addicting! Whether you bring them to your next potluck dinner, family gathering, or just serve them for dessert – everyone will be wanting more and begging you for the recipe! Pecan halves drenched in caramel sauce and then baked on a homemade shortbread crust. You won’t believe how deliciously good these are.

Wednesday April 12/23, 1pm or 6pm


This is the 12th installment of many classes in a NEW SERIES on how to prepare the best Mediterranean food at home! Two recipes coming at you today that we know you will fall in love with! Chef Dez’s Linguine Puttanesca is bursting with bright Mediterranean flavours such as Parsley, tomatoes, kalamata olives, capers, and more! The Italian Scampi dish with lots of parsley, garlic, lemon, and olive oil, is perfect as either an appetizer served with chunks of bread, or as your protein main course, or tossed with pasta – your choice!

Wednesday April 19/23, 1pm or 6pm


Ewwww, anchovies??? I know, I know, but hear me out. If you love pasta and complex flavours, you will love my Linguine with Anchovies recipe. Even my wife was skeptical, but she said “wow, that’s so good!”, and I know you will love it too. This very simple pasta dish made with readily available canned anchovies will become one of your quick meal favs! The second recipe today, to also celebrate garlic, is my Garlic Tarragon Fettuccine: we will reduce garlic cloves in wine, and then in chicken broth to get them caramelized, before adding cream & fresh tarragon and pureeing the works into the most delicious creamy pasta sauce ever! If you don’t care for tarragon, it can be switched out for a fresh herb of your choice. 

Wednesday April 26/23, 1pm or 6pm


Sponsored by BC Egg: A traditional kedgeree is a curried rice dish from the UK and is classically made with smoked haddock and boiled eggs.  But in this west coast version, Chef Dez has replaced the smoked haddock with smoked salmon, and we will be making cauliflower rice to replace the regular rice. Cauliflower rice is amazing but there are some important things to know to pull it off perfectly and Chef Dez will share these tips with you & more! You will love this dish! Today, BC Egg will be giving away 1-Month of FREE BC Eggs to 1 lucky attendee at each of these 2 classes: 1pm and 6pm.

Wednesday May 10/23, 1pm or 6pm


Today is National Shrimp Day, and what better way to celebrate than with this Brazilian Shrimp Soup recipe. Another brand-new recipe coming at you! Chef Dez will teach you his version of this incredibly delicious soup. A mouth-watering tomato shrimp soup made creamy with coconut milk that warms your soul. Just a touch of spiciness (which can be adjusted or eliminated), and the addition of rice, onion, garlic, bell pepper, other “secret” ingredients, and the brightness of the lime juice at the end, you are sure to fall in love with this flavourful dish. This will definitely become your new favourite soup to make for your family and guests!

Wednesday May 17/23, 1pm or 6pm


Sponsored by BC Egg: A quiche is a French tart of pie pastry filled with a savoury egg mixture, and this recipe will become one of your favourites. We will be making the pie pastry from scratch today, but I will also give you the option of making this with a store bought pre-made pie shell – I will demonstrate both ways. BC eggs blended with cream, onions, garlic, bacon, 2 cheeses and baked off in a pie crust – how can you go wrong! Today, BC Egg will be giving away 1-Month of FREE BC Eggs to 1 lucky attendee at each of these 2 classes: 1pm and 6pm.