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  • Culinary Travel Host – Chef Dez has partnered up with Caryn Zimmerman CTC, a professional travel coordinator, specializing in niche travel planning. Every tour itinerary is created to ensure you have an amazing trip. You don’t have to be a “foodie” to go on these trips as the goal of these tours is to go to a part of the world to experience not only the cuisine, but also the people, history, architecture, and culture. The goal Chef Dez has in mind for every tour is to create one that you couldn’t do yourself for the same price; one that you couldn’t do yourself for any price; and to have fun! Please visit to see the existing and upcoming tours.
  • Recipe Creating & Food Writing Services – Chef Dez hosts a bi-weekly food column called “Chef Dez on Cooking” that is currently published in many newspapers across Canada & Washington State. He is the Author of 4 cookbooks and has created numerous recipes for different companies. He also has been featured in many magazines, such as Elite Food Wine & Travel, The Boat Journal, and Valley Life.
  • Voice & TV Talent – Born with a natural “radio voice”, Chef Dez is the perfect candidate for your Radio or TV commercial. Through years of live and televised cooking performances he will bring extensive experience to the table – making him the perfect choice for your business advertising needs, whether food related or not.

  • Motivational Speaker/Master of Ceremonies – with his lively personality and unique insights, Chef Dez has inspired literally thousands of people, both in and out of the kitchen. He is the ideal candidate for making a huge impact at your next corporate or public event.

    Contact him today at or 1-604-855-3107


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